What Is The Railroad Encoded Holotape Called For Underground Undercover? (Solution)

Encrypted message holotape is a holotape in Fallout 4. It can be used at any Institute terminal to make contact with the Railroad’s guardian angel, Patriot.

What Holotape does Desdemona give you?

After speaking with Desdemona, talk to Tinker Tom about his method for contacting the Patriot. You will receive a Network Scanner Holotape encoded with a secret message. Your task is to travel to the Institute, and upload the encrypted message onto one of their terminals.

How do you activate underground undercover?

You’ll need to do a multiple main story Institute quests until Z1-14 will be ready. After completing Institute quest Powering Up, a Synth will tell you that Z1-14 is ready to meet you in your room.

Can I get the Holotape back from Ingram?

Bugs. Proctor Ingram may not give the holotape back.

Where is Z1-14?

Z1-14 can be found working in the Relay Control Room. To get there, push the call button on the center elevator in the main Institute hub, and ride the elevator to the top level. Z1-14 is working in a hallway just to the right of the control desk. Talk to Z1-14 to let him know that the plan is underway.

Where is the network scanner Holotape in Fallout 4?

While you’re playing Fallout 4: Institutionalized, you will be given a Network Scanner Holotape. You can find this by bringing up your Pip-Boy and looking through your inventory. When you’ve completed the main quest you were on, head to any terminal in the Institute and insert the Network Scanner Holotape.

Who should I give the Institute Holotape to?

Give the Holotape to Proctor Ingram Once the data is retrieved from the Institute terminal and loaded onto the holotape, you can complete the rest of Main Quest: Institutionalized if you wish. When you’re ready, leave the Institute and return to Proctor Ingram.

Is the institute bad in Fallout 4?

The Institute is evil for the same reason that The Enclave is evil. They’ve convinced themselves that they are the only ones who are actually people, everyone else is somehow lesser and worth less then the members of The Institute.

Where is the cache in tradecraft?

After the talk, Deacon will unlock the security door using a terminal and a few passwords he remembers. Past the door, Deacon will point out a railsign signifying that there is a cache nearby. It is in the back of the tube directly behind the sign.

How do you get into the bioscience lab in Fallout 4?

Start by speaking to Newton Oberly in the Bioscience department. After talking to him, pick up the Bioscience Systems Access holotape and go past the door he just opened for you.

Should I give Proctor Ingram the Holotape?

If you have started the Spoils of War quest and Proctor Ingram is already on the Vertibird, the Sole Survivor will not be able to give her the holotape. If you give Proctor Ingram the holotape before speaking to Maxson she might not start Liberty Reprimed and will instead just have non-quest dialogue.

Where can I find Madison Li Fallout 4?

Once you’ve gotten inside the Institute, you’ll have access to reach Doctor Li. Head into the main square of the Institute, then follow the path to the Advanced Systems division. Enter inside and find Doctor Li in the room on the right. Talk to her and try to convince her to come back to the Brotherhood of Steel.

Does underground undercover Make Institute hostile?

If all of the guards are not dispatched quickly enough in the tunnels after the Sole Survivor is detected, the Institute may become hostile.

How do you use the network scanner Holotape in Fallout 4?

Use the Network Scanner Holotape Find yourself any terminal that you an access, then press the button indicated at the bottom of your screen to Load Holotape. You’ll get a list that you can choose from, and you’ll want to select the Network Scanner. Doing this will complete the final main quest in Fallout 4.

How do you find the reactor in Fallout 4?

Reach the Reactor Exit Father’s quarters and head to the main lobby. Enter the door leading to the Advanced Systems division, taking out any Synths that get in your way. Pass through the lab area, and enter the door to the Institute Reactor. Watch out for the laser turrets as you continue through the long hallway.

How do I leave the institute Fallout 4?

To exit the Institute, simply head for the central elevator and head up to the relay room. Look for the bright red emergency relay button on the side of the main console just outside the relay room and push it to activate the emergency relay.

Underground Undercover

“I had hoped for a little more time to plan our insurrection, but it’s evident that we can’t afford to wait any longer.” Inform your guys that we are prepared to battle after you have secured the railroad against the Brotherhood. “Get out of here.” —Z1-14 Underground Undercoveris a key mission achievement/trophy in Fallout 4. It is found on the railroad.

Quick walkthrough

Railroad main quest: Underground Undercover
Talk withTinker Tom.
Uploadencrypted messageon any Institute terminal.
Read Patriot’s reply.
Meet Patriot.
FollowLiam Binetto meetZ1-14.
Talk toDesdemona.
Enter report on terminal.
Talk withP.A.M.
GetpasswordfromCambridge Polymer Labs.
Return to Desdemona.
Give password to Liam Binet.
Meet with Z1-14.
Wait 24 hours.
Meet with Z1-14. (Optional) Deposit weapons for rebels.
Kill tunnel guards.
Return to Z1-14.
DoInstitute questsuntilPowering Upis complete.
Meet with Z1-14.
Warn Desdemona.
Reward:600+XP500capsRailway rifleRailway spikes
Leads to:Precipice of War

Detailed walkthrough

It’s true that I had hoped for more time to plan our uprising, but it is apparent that we cannot wait any longer. Inform your followers that we are prepared to battle after you have secured the Railroad against the Brotherhood. It is imperative that you go immediately.” Underground Undercover (Z1-14 Underground Undercover) is a primary mission achievement/trophy in Fallout 4. It is located on the railroad.

Quest stages

  • It is not necessary to construct the signal interceptor in conjunction with the Railroad in order to begin this quest. To begin this quest, simply speak with Desdemona and accept her offer to work for the railroad
  • Unless the player character already has the network scanner holotape in their possession, Tinker Tom will modify it to provide a means of contacting Patriot. After completing The Molecular Level, simply speak with Desdemona and accept her offer to work for the railroad and this quest will begin. The encrypted message will be sent to Tinker Tom if the modified network scanner is provided to another faction (SturgesorProctor Ingram) before the encrypted message is sent to Tinker Tom. A new goal will surface for Tinker Tom to retrieve the encrypted message holotape. Becoming enemies with the Institute fails this task as well as any other unfinished Railroad quests, triggering the optional Railroad quest, Burning Cover, and bringing the Railroad questline to a conclusion. Tradecraft must be finished before a player may be expelled from the Institute
  • Otherwise, this quest will not begin until after the completion of Tradecraft and will be inaccessible. Burning Cover, on the other hand, does not commence and is therefore inaccessible. After completing quest stage 500, Desdemona gives a speech in which she refers to them as “the Wanderer” rather than their true, chosen code name
  • This speech is the beginning of a new quest. Because continuing to collaborate with Father will result in the completion of Mass Fusion, the Brotherhood of Steel will turn against the Sole Survivor as a result. It is possible to fulfill the optional “deposit weapons” goal if you have placed weapons in the indicated locker 8-10 times (excluding explosive weapons such as land mines and grenades). Placing a stack of weapons in the box is seen by the game as placing only one weapon, and the player character must place each weapon in the container individually. It is not required to exit the system between each deposit, though.
  • While Underground Undercover is active, this goal will continue to update even after it has been accomplished
  • Removing enough weapons from the locker will cause it to be marked as done.
  • If all of the guards in the tunnels are not dispatched as soon as possible once the Sole Survivor is discovered, the Institute may become hostile
  • However, this is unlikely. The last confrontation with Z1-14 (with the completion of Powering Up) results in the failure of Operation Ticonderoga. Despite the warning that Z1-14 need the player character’s presence immediately, the player character is free to proceed and accomplish Operation Ticonderoga before returning to Z1-14. It does not matter if the player character completes the majority of this quest (up until the objective “Keep working with Father”) and remains allied with the Railroad
  • If the player character is expelled from the Institute and begins working with the Minutement to bring down the Institute, Z1-14 will become hostile and will fight the player character alongside Institute forces during the Nuclear Option mission (Minutemen). To warn Z1-14 or to unite him with the Minutemen in their struggle against the Institute are both out of the question. There are no rebel synths who are friendly to you. Z1-14 is completely unaffected by the evacuation being triggered. It is virtually impossible for the Sole Survivor to succeed on this task without X6-approval, 88’s and he will become hostile if they fight the Institute’s guards, making the Sole Survivor an enemy of the Institute. In addition, upon successful completion of this mission, legendary variations of the railroad rifle will be obtained randomly in the spoils of legendary opponents
  • If one is unable to accomplish this quest or does not choose to do so, the terminal command Set LegendaryRailwayRifle to 0 will allow them to be looted.


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Fallout 4: Underground Undercover walkthrough

Underground Undercover is only the beginning of the wasteland’s ravages. Make sure to read Polygon’s whole guide to Fallout 4 for more tips, techniques, and information. After finishing The Molecular Level, you will be allowed to submit this lengthy and important Railroad request. Desdemona will approach you for a favor after learning of your infiltration into The Institute. The favor will involve a meeting with an insider at The Institute known as Patriot. After speaking with Desdemona, you should speak with Tinker Tom, who will provide you with a holotape as well as the initial steps of the mission.

  1. Examine the tape’s contents for the encrypted message that will lead you to Patriot’s whereabouts, which you may then decrypt.
  2. Patriot’s true name is Liam Binet, and he will direct you to Z1-14, a Synth, if you ask him to do so.
  3. Then it’s back to Railroad Headquarters.
  4. She will point you in the direction of P.A.M.’s computer.
  5. with sufficient information to determine the most likely location of the password.
  6. Once you arrive, make your way from the foyer to the lab, passing via the clean room in between.
  7. The recovery of the password will result in a security lockdown.

Staying at the terminal and selecting the Facility Defense Systems override option will address the problem the quickest and most efficiently.

Following your egress from the facility, return to Railroad HQ and chat with Desdemona about your experience.

After that, you’ll meet with Z1-14 to get an update.

Z1-strategy 14’s is to launch an attack on a group of guards stationed in a nearby tunnel and storage room.

Go to the storage room and aid the Synths in their attempt to eliminate the guards when you’re ready.

Mankind Redefined and Mass Fusion are the two Institute missions that must be completed in order to finish this job successfully.

You’ll find Z1-14 waiting for you when you arrive.

Make your way there to keep Desdemona up to date, and be prepared to protect yourself and The Railroad. Precipice of War, the next faction quest, will be triggered as a result of this. The previous part was titled “Tradecraft,” and the next portion was titled “Burning Cover.”

Fallout 4: Underground Undercover Quest – Patriot, Z1-14

This guide will assist players in completing the Railroad Quest: Underground Undercover in Fallout 4 as efficiently as possible. In order for this quest to become available, players must have finished and collaborated with the Railroad on the Main Quest: The Molecular Level. Continue with this mission if you want to continue working for the Railroad faction. If you want assistance with any other aspects of Fallout 4, please visit ourFallout 4 guides walkthrough center, which has more mission walkthroughs as well as the whereabouts of uncommon goods such as the X-01 Power Armor, as well as other useful information.

It comes out that Desdemona has a guardian angel who works from within the Institute, and she seeks to communicate with him.

Acknowledge that you will assist Desdemona in tracking down the Patriot and that you will report to Tinker Tom for additional instructions.

How to Complete the Underground Undercover Quest

Talk to Tinker Tom about it. After you’ve spoken with Desdemona, you should chat with Tinker Tom about the best way to contact the Patriot. You will be given a Network Scanner Holotape that has been encoded with a secret message for you to use. Your mission is to get to the Institute and upload the encrypted message into one of their terminals, which you will do once you there. With any hope, the Patriot will come across the message and respond in his own way. Any Institute Terminal can be used to upload the encrypted message.

  1. Access one of the computer terminals and insert the Network Scanner Holotape that has been encoded.
  2. Then wait for a response.
  3. If you’re using a terminal, look for the part that says “UrgentReply001” and see what they had to say.
  4. Head to the Advanced Systems section and down a side corridor to find the maintenance room, where Patriot is waiting for you.
  5. Consult with Liam Introduce yourself to Liam and talk with him about the message you’ve received.
  6. Z1-14, on the other hand, has reservations about your reliability.
  7. Following your appointment with Z1-14, chat with Liam once more.
  8. A login and password are required in order for him to get access to a pre-war security software known as Code Defender.
  9. She advises you to consult with PAM, but not before compiling a thorough report on your findings first.
  10. Determine the location of a chamber along the west wall that contains a computer terminal, as well as a robot standing nearby.

To enter your findings, go to the terminal and click Enter Institute Report from the menu. Talking with PAMPAM turns out to be a conversation with the robot that stands alongside the terminal. Speak with PAM, and she will search her database for valid credentials that Patriot may use to log in.

How to Get the Password for Code Defender

A user called Wilfred Bergman with access to C.I.T.’s initial system is identified by PAM as having access to the system. You must first travel to Cambridge Polymer Labs, which is located just west of the C.I.T. ruins, in order to obtain his credentials. When you first arrive at the facility, you’ll be greeted by a robot named Molly, who will take you through the orientation process. Follow Molly on a guided tour of the facility, and keep an eye out for Feral Ghouls along the way. When you enter the clean room, you should expect to be isolated for a period of time due to your filthiness.

  1. As you make your way toward Lab C3 in the Mezzanine area, you must eliminate a number of Feral Ghouls.
  2. Crawl into the crawlspace in the ceiling and descend through a hole that leads to Lab C3.
  3. Once inside, go to the desk and utilize the computer terminal to get Bergman’s password from there.
  4. Return to the house of Desdemona Return to the Railroad HQ with the password for Code Defender in hand and chat with Desdemona once more to receive more instructions on how to use it.
  5. For the time being, just follow to the plan and carry the password to Patriot with you.
  6. To return to the Institute, use the Relay to teleport there.
  7. Meet with Z1-14 for a discussion.

It is possible to persuade Z1-14 to support the Railroad’s cause using a variety of persuasive dialogue choices available to him.

Z1-14 requires some time to reflect about the new ideas with his fellow synthesizers.

Wait for 24 hours or come back later after a full day has gone to see whether he has made a choice on whether or not to proceed.

After a long day’s work, return to the Institute and talk with Z1-14 once more about your findings.

Maintenance lockers are located around the facility, and you may equip the volunteers with weaponry for future use if you so want.

Assassinate the Tunnel Guards Find a neighboring storage room and take the elevator down to the lower tunnels when you’ve finished conversing with Z1-14.

Continue your journey back to Z1-atrium, 14’s where you will inform him of your progress and discuss the next stages in the plan.

Continue on to the Institute Quests: Mankind Redefined and Mass Fusion, where appropriate.

Z1-14 will require additional time to complete his portion of the plan.

Proceed to Z1-location 14’s as directed by the hints.

A serious danger to the Railroad’s security has been identified, and he wants you to notify Desdemona as soon possible.

Return to the Railroad HQ to alert Desdemona about the threat, as well as to get a new Railway Rifle that will be ideal for the next battle.

Continue on to Precipice of War, or return to USGamer’sFallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide for more information.

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Underground Undercover – Main Story, The Railroad Quest

After visiting The Institute, speak with someone at DesdemonainRailroad HQ. When you complete The Molecular Levelquest, you will be prompted to take on this task, or you can choose to acquire it.

Related points of interest

Desdemona will tell you about Patriot, a man or woman who works inside the Institute and aids synths in their escape to freedom from the Institute.

2. Talk with Tinker Tom

Tinker Tom will offer you an Encrypted Message Holotape in exchange for your time.

3. Upload encrypted message on any Institute terminal

A decoded holotape was given to me by Desdemona, which I may use at any Institute terminal to communicate with Patriot, the railroad’s guardian angel. Perhaps, in collaboration with him (or her), we might discover a means to save a large number of synthesizers. You are free to utilize any terminal in the Institute, for example, the terminal closest to the portal you used on your initial visit to the Institute, or any other terminal you want. Load the Encrypted Message Holotape and choose Copy encrypted message from the drop-down menu.

4. Read Patriot’s reply

A decoded holotape was given to me by Desdemona, which I may use at any Institute terminal to communicate with Patriot, the Railroad’s guardian angel. It’s possible that we’ll be able to figure something out with him (or her). You are free to utilize any terminal in the Institute, for example, the terminal closest to the portal you used on your initial visit to the Institute, or any other terminal you like. To copy an encrypted message, select Copy encrypted message from the Encrypted Message Holotape drop-down menu.

5. Meet Patriot

Tinker Tom’s holotape with an encoded message was successful. As a result, I sent an encrypted message to Patriot, which was responded to with the message “Meet at the Advanced Systems maintenance room.”

6. Follow Liam

Patriot, Liam Binet, is someone I’ve met. He’s eager to save a large number of Synths at the same time. However, in order to do this, we will require assistance. I should accompany Liam to his meeting with his accomplice.

7. Talk to Liam

Liam need the login and password for the original security software.

8. Talk to Desdemona

Patriot has devised a scheme to rescue all thirteen Synths at the same time. However, in order to do so, he will require login credentials for CIT’s initial security system, Code Defender. I should get in touch with Desdemona to see if she can help me locate them. After then, Desdemona will inform you that you need make a detailed report on PAM’s terminal and submit it to her.

9. Enter report on terminal

Wilfred Berman was a scientist at Cambridge Polymer Labs who worked on polymer composites. PAM claims that he would have had the login credentials necessary to save Patriot’s 13 Synths if he had been around. It’s only a matter of tracking them down now. Locate Bergman’s Terminal and choose thePassword request (Archive) option from the drop-down menu. For further information, please see the description of the Cambridge Polymer Labsquest.

12. Return to Desdemona

Now that I have the Code Defender login credentials, I need to get in touch with Desdemona to get her help. Hopefully, she has devised a strategy to aid in the rescue of Patriot’s 13 Synths.

13. Meet with Z1-14

Desdemona is adamant about not rescuing the 13 Synths.

She is determined to save them all. As a result, I must provide Patriot with his login credentials. I need also find out if Z1-14 is prepared to fight for his release, which is more crucial.

14. Give password to Liam Binet

For his liberation, Z1-14 is ready to fight, but he needs 24 hours to reach out to other prospective Synth rebels. You can sit on one of the seats in the central area of the Institute and wait for up to 24 hours.

16. Meet with Z1-14

Z1-14 discovered a large number of volunteers who were eager to fight for their liberation. However, they require weapons. In a mining tunnel, they may get their hands on the raw ingredients they need to create rudimentary weapons. It’s merely a matter of taking out the guards.

17.1. (Optional) Deposit weapons for rebels

Weapons (10?) can be deposited here.

18. Return to Z1-14

After eliminating the underground guards, Z1-14 now has the resources he requires to construct primitive weapons for use in the insurrection. It’s time to break the good news to him, though.

19. Continue working with Father

Z1-14 will require additional time to develop weaponry and recruit other rebels. In the meanwhile, I must continue to collaborate with Father in order to keep my cover. Z1-14 will get in touch with me when the time is appropriate. It is necessary for you to accomplish the Powering Upquest.

20. Meet with Z1-14

Z1-14 has sent me a coded message that I must decipher. He expresses a desire to meet. Perhaps he has reached the point where he is ready to begin the Synth uprising.

21. Warn Desdemona

Z1-14 has some important news. The Brotherhood of Steel has managed to track down the location of Railroad Headquarters. Desdemona must be warned immediately before it is too late.

22. Quest completed

Z1-14 and his rebel Synths are armed and ready to take on the world. The only thing left now is for me to preserve the Railroad and then transport my buddies inside the Institute.

Underground Undercover – Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Z1-14 and his rebel Synths are armed and ready to take on Z1-14 and his forces. The only thing left now is for me to save the railroad and transport my buddies into the Institute.

  • Send an encrypted message to any Institute terminal
  • Receive a response. Take a look at Patriot’s response. Meet Patriot
  • Follow Liam
  • Converse with Liam
  • Converse with Desdemona
  • Enter report on terminal
  • Converse with PAM. Obtain the Code Defender’s password. Return to Desdemona’s house. Visit Z1-14
  • Provide password to Liam Binet
  • Meet with Z1-14
  • Give Z1-14 a day’s worth of food
  • Consult with Z1-14
  • (Optional) Make a deposit of weapons for the rebels
  • Assassinate the tunnel guards
  • Visit Z1-14 and continue working with Father
  • Meet with Z1-14 and warn Desdemona
  • Return to Z1-14.

Contact the Patriot

Scan the network using the holotape that Desdemona has given you. Desdemona will offer you a holotape as you are teleporting to the Molecular Levelquest after you have completed the teleport for the quest. Use it shortly after entering the Institute, at the terminal before the transmitter, as soon as you enter the building. You will now be charged with locating thePatriot by following the mission marker on your screen. In this meeting, he will explain his strategy and introduce you to your new assistant: Z1-14.

(in order to leave the Institute you must complete few steps of the main quest).

There will be a quest associated with the place – Cambridge Polymer Labs – that will begin there.

Follow the passageway all the way to the rear of the building, where you will discover several rooms.

Obtain the password from the Cambridge laboratory

What’s behind the door in the western direction should pique your interest, so pay attention. Alternatively, you may pass through the door on the opposite side of the room, which leads to an entry to the ventilation shaft, which allows you to get behind the locked door using lock picking (expert lock). If you are using the lockpick to open it, be careful not to step into the trap behind it. Continue along the same route to exit the building. Return to the house of Desdemona.

Z1-14 The Institute can be reached by phone following a brief exchange of information. Meet up with Patriot once more and offer him the password you were able to recover. Speak with Z1-14. Wait one day so that he may prepare – simply sit on the bench nearby and wait for the 24 hours he specifies.

Optional – deliver the weapon to the rebels

To make the last phase of the quest easier, toss the weapon inside the chest with the other items. Talk to Z1-14 once again. If you so like, you can chose to arm the evacuees with weapons if you so desire (optional objective). It is necessary to deposit 10 weapons of any sort in the chest in order to fulfill this section of the quest (it is best to search for or buy institute pistols – few of them can be found in the shooting room). Although you don’t have to do it right now, the rebels will utilize the weapons sooner or later.

Free the rebels

Kill all of the synthesizers that have been designated, and you can also light the gasoline on the ground. Now proceed to the indicated area, where you will encounter a small number of synth-guards, all of whom you must eliminate despite the fact that they are not aggressive towards you at all. The rebels will assist you in accomplishing your goal; you do not need to be concerned about them since they will not perish. Return to Z1-14 once you have destroyed the targets. The quest will be put on hold for the time being.

The quest will be restarted once you have completed a few missions in the main narrative and have reached the Powering Upmandatory questline.

The following are the prizes for completing the quest: Experience points, a one-of-a-kind railway rifle are on the horizon.

PreviousRailroad faction missions are a thing of the past.

CCC: Fallout 4 Guide/Walkthrough – RR Quest 03

RR Quest 03 – Underground Undercover is a mission that takes place underground. THE RAILROAD QUEST 03 – UNDERGROUND UNDERCOVER is a third-person action adventure game. This event is triggered by employing The Railroad to assist you with the construction of the signal interceptor during Story 10 – The Molecular Level event. Desdemona will give you a cassette just before you teleport into the Institute, which will start the quest. Objective: Any Institute terminal can be used to upload an encrypted communication.

  • After passing through the door, the first terminal you may use is right in front of you when you first go in the entrance.
  • When the tape is loaded, you will be presented with three alternatives.
  • Start a network scan to find out what’s going on (this will be required if you make an enemy of the Institute later so you can regain access through the Minutemen quest line).
  • The goal is to read Patriot’s response.
  • Choose one of the options.
  • Patriot’s answer will direct you to the Advanced Systems maintenance room.
  • When you reach the middle of the Institute by using the main elevator, look for the marker and follow it through the maze of rooms until you reach the maintenance room, where Patriot will be waiting for you.

Spend some time with him and discuss The Railroad with him.

A synthesizer by the name of Z1-14 appears to be the true brains of the operation, according to the others.

The goal is to speak with Liam.

He believes that certain ancient terminals on the surface may still be in possession of their credentials.

The goal is to speak with Desdemona.

The goal is to enter a report on the terminal.

Talk with PAM about the reportAfter inputting the report, turn around and speak with PAM about it.

Obtaining the code defender’s password is the goal.

You will need to enter the laboratory section (via the decontamination room that is no longer functional) in the back of the building and then enter an office on the second floor in order to discover the computer terminal.

Completing this sidequest successfully will also reward you with a piece of legendary power armour (torso) of excellent quality, thus it is definitely worth your while.

The goal is to get back to Desdemona.

After providing you with some guidance, you’ll be returning to the Institute to notify your two colleagues who are involved in synth liberation.

When you arrive, speak with Liam and provide him with the password.

Meeting with Z1-14 is the goal.

He’ll agree to the adjustments after hearing about them and will seek for some additional time to prepare.

Take a seat on a nearby bench and wait for the next 24 hours.

Z1-14 will notify you that the most pressing issue facing him and his fellow synths at the time is a scarcity of weapons for them.

As predicted, you’ll have to make room for the synthesizers that are working in the area in order for them to seize those boxes.

Following the marker will bring you to an elevator that will take you down to the tunnels below.

Be aware that they will be donning synth armour, making it difficult to knock them down on higher levels (use energy weapons against them as they are slightly weaker to them).

So you may just begin the fight and then retreat to a mine-protected nook or shoot at the guards while they are being attacked by melee synths.

The goal is to go back to Z1-14.

Continuation of collaboration with Father as an objective From this point on, you will be required to accomplish a number of tasks for the Institute before you will be approached once more.

Note: You can start The Railroad 04 – Operation Ticonderoga at any time after completing Story 11 – Institutionalized, but before starting The Railroad 05 – Precipice Of War, by speaking with Desdemona.

Meeting with Z1-14 is the goal.

He’ll tell you that the Brotherhood has tracked down the Railroad’s headquarters and is preparing to launch an attack on the structure.

Desdemona must be warned, therefore this is the goal.

In exchange, she will surrender the deadly railway gun, which fires railway spikes at opponents, dealing significant damage (180 per shot in my case).

She’ll also throw over a couple of hundred spikes for you to utilize when the Brotherhood closes in on the headquarters building. This will cause the following quest to be triggered. Finally, the Railroad 05 – Precipice of War will be completed, bringing this extraordinarily long journey to a close.

Fallout 4 Walkthrough: Side Quests – Underground Undercover

The Underground Undercover is the third quest in the Railway Quest series. UNDERCOVER UNDERGROUND RAILROAD QUEST – THE RAILROAD QUEST 03 This event is triggered by employing The Railroad to assist you with the construction of the signal interceptor during Story 10 – The Molecular Level. When you arrive at the Institute, Desdemona will provide you a cassette tape that will start the quest off. Objective: Any Institute terminal can receive an encrypted message that you upload. If you teleport to the Institute after Desdemona hands over the tape and informs you about Patriot, you’ll end up at the relay room on the upper level of the building.

  • Use the terminal to interact with it and insert the network scanner holotape as needed.
  • Alternatively, you may read Tinker Tom’s explanation if you like, but it is not required.
  • Then copy the message that has been encrypted onto your computer.
  • A response will show in the list of commands a few seconds after the command is issued.
  • Patriot is to be introduced.
  • However, you will need to go through some of the events in Story 11 – Institutionalized (I will not provide any spoilers here) before you can go to the place in question.
  • Follow Liam’s progress.

Then he’ll take you to one of his colleagues, where he’ll tell you more about his plan.

He will want to speak with you after they have a brief conversation about their intentions.

In order for Liam to be able to assist with the plan, he needs you to locate certain login credentials.

In order to locate them, we must first visit Desdemona.

Your boss, Desdemona, will want you to create a report so that they may examine the facts you’ve gathered.

Talk to PAM about the reportAfter submitting the report, turn around and speak with PAM about it.

In order to obtain the code defender’s password, You’ll have to visit to Cambridge Polymer Labs in order to discover the password.

Sidequest – Cambridge Polymer Labs has a more in-depth description as well as a walkthrough.

It is well worth your effort to do it properly!

Desdemona must be reunited with her daughter.

Having provided you with some guidance, you’ll be returning to the Institute to tell your two colleagues who are working on synth liberation projects.

Arrive at the location and speak with Liam, who will give you the password.

Meeting with Z1-14 is the goal here.

In the event that he agrees with the revisions, he will want some additional time to be ready for the meeting.

For the next 24 hours, take a seat on a nearby bench.

Z1-14 will advise you that the primary issue facing him and his fellow synths at the time is a scarcity of weapons.

Expect to have to make room for the synthesizers who are working on capturing those boxes, which will take some time.

Following the marking will bring you to an elevator that will take you down to the tunnels beneath the ground level.

Be aware that they will be sporting synth armour, making it difficult to knock them down on higher difficulty settings (use energy weapons against them as they are slightly weaker to them).

In other words, you may just initiate the battle and then retreat to a mine-protected nook or shoot at the guards while they are surrounded by melee synths.

Z1-14 should be the destination.

Continue to collaborate with Father on this project; From this point on, you will be required to accomplish a number of quests for the Institute before you will be approached once again.

Take note that you can initiate The Railroad 04 – Operation Ticonderoga by speaking with Desdemona at any point after finishing Story 11 – Institutionalized but before beginning The Railroad 05 – Precipice Of War.

Meeting with Z1-14 is the goal here.

He’ll tell you that the Brotherhood has tracked down the Railroad’s headquarters and is preparing to launch an attack on the facility.

Desdemona is to be warned.

In exchange, she will surrender the nasty railway gun, which discharges railroad spikes at opponents, dealing significant damage (180 per shot in my case).

A quest will be activated as a result of this action. Finally, the Railroad 05 – Precipice of War will be completed, bringing this extraordinarily lengthy journey to a close.

Fallout 4: Underground Undercover – A Step By Step Quest Guide

Fallout 4’s main questline has hundreds of quests as well as several branching paths that can be taken. In order to complete the tale, you must choose a side from among four different factions, with the Railroad possibly being one of the more fascinating sides to join. It provides a unique blend of espionage and combat tasks that are not available from any other faction’s questline. The “Underground Undercover” mission is one of the more fascinating ones available on the Railroad. Players will need to collaborate with an Institute scientist and a synth in order to plan a revolt inside the Institute and assist every synth in escaping.

11Obtain And Upload The Encrypted Message

Obtainable from: Fallout Wiki – Fandom Upon reaching a certain point in the Railroad’s mission chain, the player will be entrusted with contacting an unnamed Institute scientist who has been assisting synths in their escape. Players must first get an encrypted message holotape from Tinker Tom and then upload it onto any Institute computer in order to complete this task.

10Meet Patriot

Obtainable from: Fallout Wiki – Fandom When you upload a message, it will be sent to the player with the subject “Urgent Reply.” It is revealed to the player by reading this message that the Patriot is hidden in a maintenance closet and that they should meet them there. When you walk into this closet, you will see that the Patriot is Liam Binet. He is more than happy to collaborate with the Railroad in order to liberate additional synths from their prisons. But before Patriot can completely commit to aiding, he insists that the player meet a synthesizer known as Z1-14.

9Meet Z1-14

In according with the Fallout Wiki – FandomZ1-14 has been working alongside Liam and wishes to assist 13Institute synthsescape the facility when the moment is appropriate It is necessary for the synths to bypass the facility’s security with a password that they do not know in order for them to escape. It is at this point that gamers must report back to the Railroad in order to figure out where the password is hidden.

8Report Back To The Railroad

The player will be sent to P.A.M. if they speak with Desdemona. It will inform the player that Wilfred Bergman, one of the early C.I.T. scientists from before World War II, has a password that should be valid. Players are instructed to travel to Cambridge Polymer Labs while the Railroad reviews Liam’s proposal for guiding the synthesizers into the safety of the Railroad’s underground bunker.

7Get The Password From Cambridge Polymer Labs

The player will be sent to P.A.M. after conversing with Desdemona. It will inform the player that Wilfred Bergman, one of the early C.I.T. scientists from before World War II, has a password that should be valid for them. Players are instructed to travel to Cambridge Polymer Labs while the Railroad analyzes Liam’s proposal for escorting the synthesizers into safety.

6Give The Password To Liam Binet

Speaking with Desdemona will take the player to the P.A.M. facility. It will inform the player that Wilfred Bergman, one of the early C.I.T.

scientists from before World War II, has a password that should be effective. While the Railroad deliberates over Liam’s strategy for escorting the synthesizers to safety, P.A.M. directs players to report to Cambridge Polymer Labs for more instruction.

5Meet Z1-14 Once Again

Obtainable from: MMO4Ever.com When Z1-14 hears about Desdemona’s plan, he expresses skepticism at first, but he eventually comes around and believes it could be feasible. Until this point, players will have to wait 24 in-game hours before they may speak with Z1-14 once more. Waiting for a specified amount of time by sitting in any chair in the Institute is permitted. Return to Z1-14 for fresh dialogue after setting the timer for 24 hours and then waiting. After discussing with other synthesizers about the notion, Z1-14 feels it is a viable option to pursue.

To help the synths escape, Z1 instructs the player to murder a few Institute guards in the surrounding tunnels and seize their weapons so that they have some sort of protection when they try to flee.

4Kill The Tunnel Guards

Obtainable from: MMO4Ever.com A maintenance tunnel runs between the Synth Retention and Robotics wings, and it is guarded by the same guards that Z1 mentioned earlier in his speech. There are no restrictions on how they should be killed, but it is important to remember that they must be killed as soon as possible. If you take too long to kill the guards, the Institute will turn hostile and will deny you access to the rest of the building. Once the guards have been dispatched, speak with Z1-14 once more to express your gratitude.

3Complete The “Powering Up” Quest

Players who have not yet gone far enough in the Institute’s quest chain will be required to finish every primary quest up to and including the “Powering Up” questline in order to advance further in the game. Synth Retention, The Battle of Bunker Hill, Mankind redefined, Mass Fusion, Pinned, and Powering Up are the last quests in the game, with the final mission being “Powering Up.” When the player reaches this point, Father will order him or her to demolish the railroad. A runner will approach shortly after and request that the player speak with Z1-14.

2Meet With Z1-14 One Final Time

Obtainable from: MMO4Ever.com Speaking with Z1-14 will disclose that the Brotherhood of Steel has discovered the railroad’s headquarters and prepares to launch an urgent attack. As quickly as possible, he requests that the player return to the HQ in order to notify the Railroad of the impending attack. During this period, Z1 will be preparing for the insurrection.

1Warn The Railroad Of The Brotherhood

Obtainable from: Fallout Wiki – Fandom Return to Railroad HQ and inform Desdemona about the impending attack. While it might appear that notifying the railroad would have a time constraint, this is not the case. Whenever it is convenient for them, players can do this assignment. Once she is alerted to the impending onslaught, however, the last objectives of Fallout 4’s campaign will begin, which will tie the player to a single group for the rest of the game. The task will be completed if she is warned.

Fallout 4: Which Game Is Better?

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