Departments Guide

The City of Dilworth is happy to provide information and services to residents and visitors. Please refer to the descriptions listed below to help direct your inquiry to the appropriate department.

Administration – 218-287-2313
The Administration Department is responsible for overall city administration and operations. Staff members include the city administrator, city planner, finance officer, deputy clerk, building official and administrative assistants. Contact this department for general information on building permits, utility billing, zoning, community center and depot reservations and City Council meetings.

Police – 218-287-2666
The Police Department is responsible for public safety and enforcement of the ordinance and policies of the city. Contact this department for general non-emergency information on police reports, animal control and parking regulations.

Maintenance – 281-287-2313
The Maintenance Department is responsible for the water and sewer utilities, street maintenance, snow plowing, street improvements, branch chipping and park maintenance. For assistance with questions on street lights, street maintenance, snow plowing and parks please call city hall.

Fire Department  – 218-287-2313 or 218-287-2248 (Fire Hall)
The Fire Department is responsible for responding to fire and emergency calls for the City of Dilworth and contracted services for the townships of Kragnes, Moorhead, Glyndon and part of Oakport and Morken.