Municipal Swimming Pool

To receive updates on the Dilworth Pool please text DilworthPool1 to 84483 or go to and search Dilworth Pool to sign up for email alerts.

The municipal swimming pool is located at 301 1st Street NE (north of the DGF elementary and middle school) and for Summer 2015 is open from June 8 to August 15.



Monday – Thursday
1:00 to 5:00 pm  Open Swim
5:00 to 6:00 pm  Family/Adult Swim
6:00 to 8:00 pm  Open Swim

Friday & Saturday
1:00 to 6:00 pm  Open Swim

Sunday – Closed

(Pool will close when the air temperature is below 65 degrees.)

*Afternoon and evening open swim cost is $2.50 per person/session, unless a season pass is purchased.

*Individual or family season passes are available.

Family Pass Resident $85.00
Single Pass Resident $48.00
Family Pass Non-Resident $100.00
Single Pass Non-Resident $55.00
Punch Card (20 Admissions) $37.50

Please contact City Hall 287-2313 or the Pool 236-9464 if you need more information.

*Admission to the baby pool is free, but the child must be accompanied by a guardian and stay within the fenced area of the baby pool.

Pool Rules:
1.  Patrons must shower before entering pool.
2.  Spitting and spouting water is not allowed.
3.  NO food, drink or smoking allowed in the facility.
4.  NO Pets allowed in the facility.
5.  Street shoes and clothes are not allowed on deck.
6.  Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire; cut-off or jean shorts are not allowed.
7.  Patrons with open sores or rashes are not allowed.
8.  Diving is only allowed off the diving board.
9.  Obey Instructions of lifeguards.
10.  Horseplay, such as running, splashing, shoving, or dunking is not allowed.
11.  Children 7 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a responsible person of at least 14 years of age.
12.  Swimming is allowed only when lifeguards are on duty.
13.  Profanity, improper behavior, or intoxication is not allowed.
14.  Do not hang on, lift up or dive over safety rope.
15.  Do not play by or on the ladders.
16.  Do not gather around lifeguard stands or benches.
17.  To enter the deep end, patrons must take and pass the deep end test.
18.  Only one person is allowed on the diving board.
19.  Only one bounce on the diving board.
20.  Jump or dive straight off the diving board.
21.  NO running, (brief stop) then turning around and jumping off the diving board backwards. (Back flips and jumps from a standing position at the end of the board are acceptable.)
22.  Swim to the closest ladder immediately after entering the water from the diving board.
23.  Wait to ump off the diving board until the person ahead of you has reached the ladder.
24.  Patrons jumping off the boards may not be caught in the water or jump onto a flotation device during open swimming.
25.  Patrons are not allowed to wear life jackets while jumping off boards during open swim hours.
26.  Front and back flips and front and back dives are restricted to the diving board.
27.  NO snorkels or flotation devices allowed, except during family swim.
28.  Parent or guardian must accompany their child in the water during family swim.
29.  Individuals going off the diving board without passing the deep end test must have a parent in the water in the deep end.
30.  Parent or guardian must supervise their child in the baby pool area.
31.  Only white t-shirts are allowed in the pool.
32.  Children with flotation devices on must stay within an arms length from their guardian.