New Housing Incentives

Along with providing a large variety of lots that are construction ready for single family housing, these are the incentives that are being offered for 2015:

  • TWO (2) YEAR TAX ABATEMENT – NO CAP ON VALUE (Contact City Hall for details)
  • FREE FAMILY POOL PASS (FOR TWO YEARS) – Building permit must be issued in 2015.
  • Lots purchased in the Summerwood addition will be mowed by the city this summer until building permit has been issues and construction begins.
  • If a Contractor or Developer purchases more than one lot at a time from the city prior to December 31, 2015, the first lot shall received a $200.00 discount on the purchase price and each additional lot purchased at that time will see an increased discount of $200.00 per lot. (Example: 2nd lot – $400.00 discount, 3rd lot – $600.00 discount). Also, by purchasing multiple lots at one time, the city would consider delaying full payment on the lots purchased.

*Incentetives are not transferable from one homeowner to another. When sold all remaining incentives that exist at the date of closing will terminate at that time. (This does not include a contractor selling real estate to a homeowner unless the contract homesteaded the property prior to the sale). Property owners incentives, as listed above, are available only upon the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

For questions or comments, please contact:

City Administrator L. Peyton Mastera at (218)-287-2313 or [email protected]

Mayor Chad Olson at (701) 212-0767 or [email protected]